A guide to building customer loyalty through emails

Customer trust and loyalty are the secret weapons of any business. In most surveys conducted, entrepreneurs have said that repeat purchase is as important as getting new customers. Instead of going after new customers every day, build a loyal customer base and nurture them for repeat purchases.

Importance of customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty has been important even before the digital age of business. With the advent of digital marketing and email marketing, customer loyalty programs have just changed their platform. Here are a few reasons for building a strong customer loyalty program-

Increases sales

Your revenue targets can be easily fulfilled if you have loyal customers by your side. With a proper loyalty program, you can unleash the repeat purchase potential of your customers.

Better reputation

Proper loyalty programs can help position your brand as an industry leader and build a positive brand reputation.

Brand growth

Your brand grows with customer loyalty programs. More and more people come to know about the existence of your brand and the family size increases over time.

Customer loyalty programs to consider

Now that you know why customer loyalty program is important, let’s look at some of the popular loyalty programs you can incorporate in your marketing strategy-

Referral program

The most popular of them all is a good referral program.

In this program, an existing customer invites his/her friends, family, social media followers, etc to try out the product of your brand. In return for every signup or sale of your product, the customers earn a reward. Now, these rewards can be in the form of points to be encashed later or discount coupons.

Companies such as Swiggy and Zomato have fantastic referral programs.

Spend based programs

Spend-based programs will help you get more repeat customers.

All you have to do is allot points for money spent by your customers. So when they have reached a certain quota, they will get a discount based on the points on their next purchase.

Popular shopping malls and e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Alibaba are great examples.

VIP members

Add customers to your private member’s club for an annual or monthly fee. Only these customers get access to special services and unique offers. Amazon Prime is a great example of a VIP club membership.

Game program

Who doesn’t love games right? Well, then why not focus on your loyalty program in the form of games?

You can send customer games such as spin the wheel and the winner gets special rewards at the end of the game.

Use email marketing to send these games directly to their inbox.

Brand Ambassadors

Make your loyal customers ambassadors of the brand. Ask them to advertise your product to their social media followers in return for something such as discount coupons for their next purchase.

This program is very similar to influencer marketing. The difference is that brand ambassadors are actually your own users and may or may not be social media influencers.

Airbnb is a great example.

So here we are. Some of the most used customer loyalty programs and why you should use them.

If you are into the digital marketing space customer loyalty programs are usually distributed through email marketing.

Online marketing has changed some facets of customer loyalty programs but the main idea remains the same. Everybody loves a product or service which can solve their problems. And they expect to hear about it more from someone they know instead of advertisements.

So go out there and build your own customer loyalty program. Use WowSender as your email marketing tool.

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