Benefits of crafting a quick response to emails

In the 21st-century digital marketing era, email marketing has never been more important. Churning out one of the highest ROI compared to other one-on-one communication channels, email marketing has truly proved itself worthy.

But is it enough? Does it mean anybody who has a good email marketing campaign will be the kind of email marketing?

Well, the answer is NO!

Quick response to emails is as important as organizing a great email campaign. Customers are usually busy with work and they look for fast solutions. This is exactly where the quick response comes into play.

Here are the benefits of responding to emails quickly

Responding to emails quickly has a lot of benefits.

Here are to name a few:


There is nothing like a good courtesy when it comes to email marketing.

For example, let’s say you are waiting to receive a file from your co-worker. You have emailed him about the same but the coworker seems to take forever to reply to your email. This can be frustrating right?

The same can happen when you own a brand and your customers are waiting to hear back from you. Don’t be that unresponsive co-worker.

A quick follow-up email helps in generating the basic courtesy that is required for a customer to believe in your service.


When you send emails such as “Thank You” or “Welcome” you come out as trustworthy in the eyes of the reader. This helps in building a good relationship with your customers and making a first good impression.

Replying to customer feedback helps in making the customer feel more important. This provides them with a sense of authority and makes them feel special.

Building trust is as important as providing best in class product or service. A customer who has trust over your brand will purchase from you again and again.


Digital Marketers have said that at times replying to emails can be overwhelming. The primary cause of this is procrastination.

You need to be proactive when it comes to the well-being of your readers. They are the lifeblood of your brand. So responding to emails quickly helps you stay at the top of your game.

The email doesn’t need to be a long one. Taking a little time out each day to reply to your readers can be beneficial. Apart from the other advantages it surely makes you proactive and avoids procrastination.

Buying time

At times customers may ask you difficult questions, the answers to which may not be with you at the moment. As already mentioned above, you cannot make your customer wait for long.

Crafting a quick “OK” email or a “We are looking into it” email will help you buy some time.

Whenever a customer sees that they have received some sort of assuring response from your end they will ease out on their demands.

This will help you to do some research work and answer their query.

Many popular brands have email campaigns dedicated to buying time. It really is important.

Increased sales

We have seen this happen. Quick response to emails can help you with a boost in sales!

Sometimes you might receive emails from readers with a specific question regarding a product. Responding quickly to the email will help you understand the mindset of the customer and you may end up selling a product!

It happens a lot!

These were the top advantages that we could think of when crafting quick email responses. We are sure that there are a lot more but these are enough to get you started.

Remember to respond quickly to your customers and get the best out of your email marketing. Also, don’t forget to check out WowSender, the only email marketing tool you will ever need.

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