Composing a Killer Email Copy - Here's How

Composing a Killer Email Copy - Here's How

With the rise in the digital marketing age, email marketing has reached its peak in the 20th century. Email marketing is known to give the highest ROI and is doing better day by day. Food delivery companies such as Swiggy and Zomato have perfected the art of email marketing and doing great in the industry.

When email marketing is done rightly, the rewards are endless. But you have to follow the best practices in the industry to do well. One such best practice is to perfect the art called email copy.

Email copy is the main content of an email. It includes the design of the email, the subject line, the CTA, etc. You may be a marketer and want to start out email marketing. You can write an email copy all by yourself. But remember, writing an email copy is very different from writing an essay.

A good email copy usually is very attractive to look at, is short in nature, raises an important question, and tries to provide the readers with an answer to the question.

It takes skill to write an effective email copy that sells. We will try and tell you about a few of them in this article.

Guide to an Effective Email Copy

Subject line

Yes! That is correct. Writing a good email copy begins by crafting an attractive subject line.

A reader usually decides whether to open the email by looking at the subject line. Usually, a reader takes 5 seconds to decide whether to open the email. So if you want a good open rate then you have only 5 seconds to capture the attention of your reader. This is why you need to make your subject line count.

A good subject line usually acts as a hook. A question usually works as a good subject line. It raises the curiosity of the reader. They are tempted to open the email. Also, you need to make sure that the subject of the email is actually relevant to their needs.

There are a few other things you can try. For starters use emojis in the subject line. Now, you might have been advised against it before, but it actually works wonders. Try to keep the texts short. Your subject line should carry most of the meaning in as few words as possible.

There is one more thing that you can try with your subject line. You can try to give your readers a glimpse of what is inside the email copy from the subject line itself.

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For example, Swiggy usually drops an email with discounts and coupons. The subject line is usually something like "Grab your coupons!!". It is pretty much self-explanatory that there are some free coupons with the email.


We have said this before and we will say it again. If you want to get close to your audience, then you have to learn how to get personal with them. Email personalization is a great technique to know more about your audience.

Email personalization can be down with your email marketing tool. You can segment your email list based on different characteristics of your subscribers such as name, geographic location, purchase patterns, etc.

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A good email copy is usually conversational in nature. An email that is conversational in nature usually feels more personal too. It helps in customer engagement which in the long run helps build trust and confidence in your brand.

Too many words are a bad thing

An average email reader usually spends 30 seconds on your email copy. Also, readers tend to scan through emails rather than read them.

This technique is to be noted carefully. If you write long emails then they might not be effective for this kind of audience.

Hence, in order to get through them, your strategy needs to be changed a bit. Try writing clear, concise, and to the point emails. This helps in keeping the message of the email very easily understandable.

Providing your readers with all the information about your product is important. But typing everything about the product in the email is not a wise decision. Instead, you can attach a free pdf catalog of your product with the email.

Focus on Call To Actions

Call to action is a really important part of an email. A well-written call to action will do wonders for your email copy. There are several techniques that you can use to highlight what the call to action of the email is. Some brands use a different color highlight, some use a button.

If you are using images in your emails then you have to make sure that the call to action is clearly understandable. That is the main reason why you are writing and sending an email in the first place.

Preview text

Last but definitely not least is to focus your attention on the preview text. Before an email is opened customers look at the preview text. Your preview text should include what the email copy is all about and what should your customers expect in the email body.

Preview texts should include the necessary keywords, that your customers may look for.

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Preview texts work especially well for mobile users. Also, make sure that your preview text holds some sort of an answer to the question asked in the subject line of your email copy.

So now here is a wrap on email copies and how to get the bet out of them. Just follow the instructions mentioned in the article and you will see a developed email copywriter in you.

Writing an email copy is nothing like what you used to write in your high school essays. It takes time, effort, and dedication to get better at writing effective copies.

So go out there and write the best email copy of your career. Also, check out WowSender, the only email marketing tool you will ever need.

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