CTA - What is it? Why is it important?

The world of digital marketing is growing and so is email marketing. Marketers prefer using email marketing compared to any other form of media to catch up with their customers.

Your strategy may include revenue generation or attracting new leads. You may provide your customers with dashing content, but in return, you may desire something.

This is what CTA or “Call to action” stands for.

What is Call To Action?

A “Call To Action” or CTA is a particular task that you would want your readers to complete after they consume your content. This can be clicking on a link, checking a similar blog post, or even making a purchase.

You use CTA’s to persuade your customer to do what you desire.

A CTA strategy is required in the 21st-century business module to achieve your goals.

Why is CTA important?

There are many reasons why should consider a good CTA strategy in your email campaigns.

These are to name a few:

Direct purchase

As already mentioned CTA helps you achieve your goals. If you are looking to upgrade your sales game then proper CTA can make your sales figures shoot up.

All you have to do is to write a compelling CTA, telling them how your customers should purchase your product for their benefit. This will help your sales numbers skyrocket.

Get new leads

CTA’s can help you get new leads. You can track new prospects by looking at their CTA behavior.

Any customer who has obeyed your last few CTA’s diligently, definitely finds something fascinating about your brand. These are the people who are your new prospects. You should get to know them better with a different email campaign.

Teach them

Email marketing is a great platform to educate your customers about your brand. You may get them to purchase your products through social media, but through email, you can tell them about your brand.

This is where CTA can help you. After each blog post, add a CTA to check out other posts. The same can be done with newsletters also.

Education is a good way to get more prospects through trust and loyalty.

Increase brand awareness

Branding for any company is important. Brand awareness can be built with a specific CTA strategy.

You can add CTA’s to the email whose content is informative in nature. CTA links to your blogs which will help you toggle between resources and provide your customers with more information.

The more they read from your blogs, emails, and social media posts, the more aware they are about the brand. This leads to a better conversion rate in the future.

“Next step” approach

A Compelling Call to action tells the customer what their next step should be. This eliminates any chance of confusion arising and the customers are very clear on what to do next.

This is very important since research suggests that the customers prefer the “next step” approach. This way you can keep them wanting more.

Helps to rank better

CTA’s improve your ranking on search engines. Search engines rank pages that have a higher number of CTA’s. This helps in improving the domain authority of the website, which in turn helps you get a higher rank.

The importance of a good CTA after the end of each content is very important. The reasons have been listed above.

But remember, not to go overboard with CTA. CTA should be clear and precise. The customer should have a good idea about what to do next after going through the CTA.

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