10+ Stunning eCommerce Email Examples and Design Tips

Do you know what the real struggle is? Its to figure out different ways to keep the target audience loyal and engaged for the long term. Thankfully there are numerous ways to start with saying Hello to new subscribers to re-engaging with new ones.

We are going to help you to nudge your campaign potential and direct existing customers in the proper funnel using e-commerce email designs. We will also discuss some of the best working email examples.

Let’s start with some of the e-commerce emails types -

You aren’t going to use all types. What email type is best for you depends on your niche. But you always have to go beyond the bare minimum. You should not only contact your subscribers when they purchase from you. This will affect your relationship with them, and you won’t stay on top of their mind.

Fix this issue by introducing many diverse types of emails -

  1. Welcome email - For greeting newcomers and making them a part of your brand.
  2. Discovery emails - To help them learn more about you.
  3. Abandoned cart emails - Provide them an incentive to finish their purchases.
  4. Personalized emails - send curated emails for offers or recommendations.
  5. News emails - share announcements.
  6. Holiday email - wish for the holidays and send seasonal offers.
  7. Order updates - Keep them updated about their order status.
  8. Loyalty emails - Reward loyal consumers.
  9. Customer feedback - their feedback is essential.
  10. Reactivation emails - Wake up the sleepy customers.
🧙‍♂️ PRO TIP: Don’t bombard them with emails but try to be skillful and timely.

Now, remember, valuable content alone is not enough. If valuable content is a gift, then it should be nicely wrapped.

eCommerce Email Design Tips

Visuals and copies in any email go hand in hand. Bad visuals can bring down your game plan, while a weak text with good design is also a failure.

Keep in mind these rules to come up with the best emails -

  1. Write concise subject lines.
  2. Image quality and pixelation are essential.
  3. Use personalized graphics instead of stock images.
  4. You can use videos in emails to promote products.
  5. Never forget - One email = One CTA
  6. Make your CTA highly attractive and unique.
  7. Use short paragraphs
  8. Keep emails mobile optimized.
  9. Keep design recognizable for brand consistency.
  10. User-centric language in active voice is highly effective.
  11. Remove unnecessary elements.

eCommerce Email Examples


They help parents to help their kids get used to going to school again by providing healthy and tasty meals. They motivate them by providing loyalty points. This is a perfect example of a short but enough email to attract users’ attention, redirecting them to the company website.

Extra points for super parents email by Chipotle ~ WowSender

Dollar Shave Club

The email has a fantastic rustic design perfect for the product. They deliver razor blades and other grooming products every month. They focus on giving premium products, upgrading bathrooms, and their customer’s life.

The wait is over email by Dollar Shave Club ~ WowSender


We all know about the MasterClass, fabulous online courses by celebrities. They not only remove the fear of high price by assuring high quality but also the value that comes along. They always come up with neat discovery email series.

Don't loose an opportunity email by MasterClass ~ WowSender


Next time you design an email series, keep these examples in mind. Emails are required to maintain design and content balance to provide maximum output.

For more tips on various email, strategies visit our resource section to know more and rock your email game plan.

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