Email Coupons and Rewards - Make the Most of it

Email Coupons and Rewards - Make the Most of it

Email marketing provides a lot more opportunities compared to its competitors such as social media. You can do a lot of innovations t make your email campaigns do better.

One such method is using email coupons and rewards to earn the loyalty of your customers.

Gaining new customers is okay but making the most out of your existing customers is much better. A loyal customer is way more important than a prospect.

You can primarily use email coupons and rewards because it helps your readers save money. And everybody loves to save money!

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Some facts and figures

Contrary to popular belief email coupons do really well when it comes to sales and advertising. Here are some interesting facts:

  • By next year the use of digital coupons is expected to increase by almost 80%.
  • Over 50% of consumers prefer to receive coupons on their phones, as per recent surveys.
  • Online coupons are sold 24% more than regular coupons.
  • Digital marketers believe online coupons generate loyalty.
  • Almost 90% of the millennials in a survey tried a new brand when offered a coupon.

Getting the most out of email coupons

This is why email coupons play such a huge role in digital marketing. If you are looking to gain out of email coupons and rewards then be sure to apply the following:

Free for Millenials

As we have already said, millennials have a high chance of buying your product for the first time if provided with a coupon. You can get the ball rolling by following this trick.

When you send them weekly newsletters, attach a discount coupon and send the email. Your chances of converting the prospect into a customer are higher now. Also, after they purchase send them a feedback form to understand more about their mindset.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a very good example of a discount coupon.

When a customer has just purchased from you, send them a gift card through email. A gift card provides the customer with an opportunity to shop again. Also, it is a great cross-sales technique used by popular brands such as Amazon and Raymonds.

Old school discount

Usually, a 20% off or a 50% off sounds really good. So why not go with it?

Offer your customers traditional discount coupons with a reduction in price for your brand. Easy discount tactics work wonders during festivals such as Christmas and Diwali. In fact, it is one of the most used tactics by very important retail chains. You can start it online as well.

E-commerce companies gain the most out of this technique.

Fixed-price discount coupons

Use a fixed-price discount coupon to lure customers to your brand. Offer your customers a fixed price when they use the discount coupon attached with the email.

The price of the product will be what the price is mentioned in the email coupon. This is technique is mostly used by brick and mortar stores. Also, it is mostly done in European countries. But you can do this too for your online brand through email marketing.

So that's a wrap on how to use email coupons and get the most out of them. You should definitely try the things we have mentioned above.

Also, you can do a little A/B testing to find out what kind of coupons work for your brand and stick to it.

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