Email coupons - When to send them?

Email marketing coupons is a great promotional strategy. They solve various purposes such as winning new customers, engaging the old ones, and also you can drive out products that don’t do too well in the market normally.

As per research, more than 90% of consumers in the USA alone prefer to use coupons throughout the year. The numbers are equally good in India, especially among millennial users. Food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato are using discount coupons to attract customers.

Benefits of sending coupons

Here are a few benefits of using coupons to attract customers:

  • Coupons encourage repeat purchase
  • Idle customers are encouraged now to buy products
  • Attracting new customers especially Millenials
  • Promotion of a new product or service
  • Customer loyalty and retention increases

So as you see that there is potential in sending out coupons to your customers.

How to get the most out of email marketing coupons?

Email marketing coupons are a good source of business. But do not go overboard with it. Here are a few ways you should go about when it comes to email marketing coupons-

Email opt-in opportunities

Promote your coupons in return for email opt-in. Study shows that people join email lists just to get free coupons and discounts out of them. So here is a good deal for you.

You should provide a discount incentive to join your email list. In return, provide a discount coupon which they can use immediately at their next purchase on your website.

Customer loyalty program

If you want your customers to repeat their purchase from your brand, a customer loyalty program works fine.

Provide discounts and incentives to your customers so that they keep on purchasing almost every month. Also, each purchase should add points that they can redeem later.

Popular e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart have world-renowned customer loyalty programs.


Segment your coupons based on the characteristics of your customer. Many surveys believe that customers prefer receiving emails if only they are relevant to them.

It is clear now how important segmentation is. Email blast rarely helps. Understanding the choices of your customers and segmenting them in email clusters is a good idea.

A coupon for men’s sportswear should only go to men.


Proper research is important to understand what your customer wants and how you can get the most out of it.

For example, some customers just want free shipping. But others prefer discounts on their product instead of free shipping.

If you had conducted proper research beforehand you would have known this point. This would tell you to segment your email coupons and send your customers what they are actually looking for.

Also, consider your buyer persona when you decide on your coupons. If they are old, they wouldn’t be too excited about free shipping when it is given on popular video games.


We cannot emphasize more on this point. You need to connect the dots between your customer and discount coupons with stunning visual imagery.

Until the images are visually appealing, customers may overlook the discount coupon along with the email.

Also, you can share product reviews with your customers, preferably with original images. This increases the trust factor of your customer and they are closer to purchasing the product now.

Remember not to clutter your emails with images. This creates a negative impact on the minds of your readers.

Avoid too many coupons

Yes! That is a thing. Do not send your customers coupons regularly. You have to understand that the purchasing power of a consumer is limited. So it is better to send coupons only when a lot of time has passed since the last coupon.

This keeps the interest of the buyer alive.

Follow the tips mentioned above for a successful email marketing coupon campaign. Remember everybody loves good deals and discounts on their products. You just have to know how to reach out to them.

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