Email ideas for your digital marketing campaign

The year is 2021. The marketing scenarios are changing day by day due to the rise of the “Digital” age. Nowadays, getting customers on the internet is so easy! You don’t have to wait for hours just to find a suitable time to talk to your potential leads. Just send a WhatsApp message or Facebook message and you can chat as required.

With the rise of Internet marketing, old-school marketing is gradually taking the back seat. No more visiting your customers face to face just to tell them about the benefits your products/services can have. Just send an email and that’s it. The customer can go through your content at their leisure.

But to pull off a successful Digital Marketing campaign, you need to have a good email strategy as well. The reasons for choosing a successful email strategy are as follows -

  • The reader can read the content at their own time and pace.
  • Email is a great way of building trust with your leads and turning them into potential clients. It is great for customer acquisition.
  • Emails are very cost-saving. The ROI on a 1$ investment is 44$. That is more than any social media channels and organic promotion.
  • Emails can be personalized and customized as per your customer’s wants and needs. You can talk to your customers in a more personal nature. Always remember that customers like talking to humans and not brands.

So now we know how e-mails can help us with our online marketing campaigns. Now let’s learn from the following how you can make your e-mails more suited for your digital marketing campaigns-

Add the human element

In today’s world of fast-paced business, it is very easy to forget about the human on the other side of the screen. But if you want to excel in your digital marketing campaigns, keep in mind that you are providing a product/service for your customers. Hence your email should have the human aspect.

Write an email that tries to solve the problem of your customer. Don’t just simply right for conversions. Remember that your customer always comes first.

Use an email marketing tool

To make your email campaigns easier, always use a tool for maintaining your emails. Email tools make your life easier by providing services such as maintaining a database of customers, segregating the customers, email automation services, etc so that you can solely focus on the content of the emails and your campaign.

Try WowSender. It is an E-mail and SMS marketing tool that will help you in reaching out to your audience and help you build trust with your clients puts your online marketing in full throttle.

Simplicity is key

Don’t go overboard with your emails. Remember that simplicity is key. Simple, short, and to the point emails always do better, says research.

If you have a message that you want to pass onto your readers or subscribers, just say so without using fancy words, and tough to figure out infographics.

A short simple “check out our new arrivals” in the subject line is good enough to deliver your message.


E-mail delivery expert Chris Lang says to focus on the deliverability of emails. He says that you will see 8-10% more open emails if the emails reach the inboxes of the readers and are not marked as promotional messages and end up in the trash.

You can solve this by using WowSender.

Focus on the subject line

The subject line should capture the attention of your subscribers. Vague subject lines which don’t make sense don’t get more email opens.

If you have to make a subject line for your email campaign about some monsoon offer you can write “Monsoon sale! 50% off. HURRY!”

It is short, to the point, and grabs attention while also providing the subscriber with the necessary relevant information about the monsoon sale.

Great! So now you know the ideas behind a good email that will help in your digital marketing campaign. Just use the above points as a checklist and you are good to go.

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing