Email Length - Busting the myth

Email Length - Busting the myth

Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels of communication when it comes to digital marketing. The ROI is almost $38 for every 1$ spent.

The length of an email though has always been a subject matter for many debates. Some say the shorter the email better it is. On the other hand, research says that email is a good opportunity to publicize long-form content.

So what to do?

Ideal Email Length

Remember, email is not read like books and novels. Also, subscribers do not have much time to go through an email.

Typically an average subscriber spends 30 seconds to a minute reading an email.

There is also a pattern to read emails. Subscribers read whatever catches their attention. Naturally, attractive images and colorful CTA's are the first things that they read. They do not usually read emails from left to right and instead follow a more "scanning through" approach.

With an approach such as this, email length becomes a real problem. Hence, you can understand that there is no ideal email length. There are some guidelines and best practices though!

Best Email length practices you should follow

We are going to talk about some ideal email length practices. There is no rule about them, but it is seen that these email practices work the best.

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You can follow these practices for your brand and exceed the word limitations if required:

Subject line

The subject line is the most important aspect of an email. A subscriber decides whether to open the email or not by looking at the subject line.

Make sure that you use emojis and the subject line is catchy. Ideally, a subject line should be between 25 to 35 characters. But it can exceed 45 characters.

Remember 50% of email users log in from their mobiles and 25 to 35 characters is ideal for them. But if most of your subscribers are desktop users then 45 to 50 characters are a safer bet.

Use A/B testing and try to find out which email copy works with the subject line and then go for it.

Preheader text

Preheader text works well with email marketing. If you have not started using preheader text then we recommend you to start with one design and see if it works for you or not.

A preheader text is packed with information and the generally accepted length is around 40 to 60 characters. But ideally, the length could go up to 140 characters if required.

Preheader texts can be used for email campaigns that provide discounts and promotions. It is ideal to mention such discounts at the top for better response to emails.

Email copy

Ideally, your email copy should not have more than 150 words. It is not a lot of words but email subscribers prefer to hear the shorter version of the story.

You can also add images and CTA's to the email copy which makes it look much better and is attention-grabbing as well.


The ideal length of a CTA should be between 7 words.

Make the most out of CTA's with eye-catching fonts and colors. Make sure you are very clear with your CTA's, otherwise it creates confusion in the mind of the readers.

So there you go. These are some of the best practices that you can adopt in your email strategy to function better in email marketing.

Remember that subscribers do not read emails like they read books. Hence it is important to stick to a good email length as recommended in the article.

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