Email marketing automation - How it can help your business

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set your emails and forget about them?

Wouldn’t it be great if the customers got to know about the new blog that you have launched, without you having to tell them personally? Life would have been so easy then!

Well, guess what? It can be done! Welcome to the world of email marketing automation.

What is e-mail marketing automation?

E-mail automation is a method where emails are automatically sent to subscribers when a customer fulfills certain criteria. Emails are directly sent to the person without you having to worry about it.

For example, A customer will automatically receive a welcome email when he/she registers for your email newsletters. A subscriber will be notified when you publish a new article on your blog.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? We know what’s going on inside your head and we will answer it right away.

How to use email marketing for your business?

When it comes to email automation there is only so much room for creativity. There are criterias to be met in order to send the emails.

So use the following tips to use email automation for your business -

Send a welcome email

A customer always wants to talk to a person and not a brand. He/She always wants to feel special and a welcome email is just the thing for achieving the same.

A welcome email is received by a customer when he registers his email id with your brand. An immediate mail after registration is a great way of showing your dedication to the customer.

It also makes him feel important and special. Research says almost 90% of customers are not ready to buy your products initially. But sending a welcome email is pushing them one step closer to building a good relationship with them.

Gather product feedback

Building a value-driven product for your customer is hard. You must have a lot of questions that need answering.

This is where email marketing automation comes into play. Auto email helps you send emails to your subscribers to clear doubts.

You can attach a questionnaire with your email and write a compelling email so that a customer opens the email and responds to the questionnaire.

This way you will understand where your product/service needs additional inputs.

Inform customers about possible expiry

In the age of Digital Marketing informing customers about the features of their products is very important. But even more important is to keep him informed about the nearby expiration date of their product.

Most telecom and software companies use mail automation to keep their customers up to date about product expiry.

Birthday emails

Another great way of gaining customer loyalty is by sending birthday emails. These kinds of emails help in creating a special bond with the customer. And to be honest, everybody loves to feel special.

You can just simply wish the customer a happy birthday. Or you can always make it special for the customer by adding a special discount or coupon for the occasion.

The automatic email sender is a great platform to help you with sending a birthday mail. Just set an email and when the birthday arrives, your email marketing tool will send the email automatically.

Sending appointment reminders

If you have a business that requires your customers to come every other day then automating your reminder emails would not be a bad idea.

For example, If you run a dental hospital you can set up an auto-email that will remind your customer about their next appointment.

This helps your customer develop brand loyalty towards your hospital business.

Wrapping up!

So now you know what email marketing automation is all about and how your business can benefit from the same.

So go and build your first automated email and nurture your leads in a better way.

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Team WowSender
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