Email Newsletters - Do's and Don'ts

Email Newsletters - Do's and Don'ts

Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels of digital marketing. In fact, it is more popular than social media. The average ROI of email marketing is roughly 38$ for every dollar spent. That is an enormous amount of return.

Email newsletters are one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your audience. Also, they are a way of informing your email list on a variety of subjects such as product updates, news, and upcoming promotions. Email newsletters are time-bound and usually, they are irrelevant after time has passed.

According to top marketers, their email newsletters are the main source of readers' attraction. They say that it is a recurring process, sending email newsletters every week or month. Also, it helps in developing trust and loyalty towards your brand.

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The Do's

Now that you have a fair idea of what an email newsletter is and why it is so important let's talk about the best practices that you should adopt for your email newsletters:

Set goals

A newsletter without a goal is pretty much useless. The only way your email newsletters do wonders is if you have your goals straight. Decide whether you want to attract new customers or retain the existing ones. Then draft your email newsletters. Content for email engagement will differ from content made for sales and promotional emails.

Target your audience

Send email newsletters based on the tastes and preferences of your customers. If their geographical locations differ, send them emails that are relevant for their respective locations. Personalized emails have a better open rate compared to non-personalized ones.

Mobile friendly

Most email users open emails from their mobile phones. Hence, it is important that your emails are fully optimized for mobiles. Learn to use technology to your advantage.

Sharing is the key

Encourage your audience to share your newsletters. In fact, the ultimate aim of any email newsletter is to share as much as possible. The money is in the email list and beyond. Hence, if a reader shares your email newsletters then there is a higher probability to profit from their efforts.

The Dont's

Subject lines

Remember to work on your subject lines. A reader decided whether to open your email or not by looking at the subject line. Hence, make sure that the subject line has a hook, can use an emoji and is very clear on what they are going to find if the email is opened.


As already mentioned before that the key to a successful email newsletter campaign is consistency. If you keep emailing your readers every week or month then your reader will remember you. This helps in building trust and loyalty towards your brand.


Images are a weapon that should be used with discretion. If you overuse images then there is a chance that your customers might get confused. This will not be good for your brand.

Make sure that your images are in context with what you have to say in your emails. Also, make the images a little interactive by using a GIF for instance.


There are a lot of email users, which means that a lot of them might be visually impaired too. Hence, you have to make sure that your emails are accessible to them too. Don't rely too much on colors and make sure that your fonts are easy to read.

So here you go. Some of the most important Dos and Dont's for your email newsletters. It usually takes a little time to settle down with them but once they are well accepted by your readers, email newsletters will help you go a long way.

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