Email Open Rate - A Deep Dive

Email Open Rate - A Deep Dive

Email open rate is one of the most difficult topics for most beginners. If you are into email marketing then you should know how important email rate can be for your business. And this is why it is all the more important not to neglect it.

If you do not know what email open rate is then this article is for you.

What is this email open rate?

In the easiest of terms, the email open rate is nothing but how many people have actually opened your emails out of the total receivers.

Now if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful then you need to ensure that this number is on the higher side. There is no hard and fast on what the exact number should be. But research says that a 40% email open rate means you are good to go. This means that roughly every other receiver is opening your email. Some consider it better than average. The most you can expect is probably a little more than 50%.

If your email open rates are in their 10's or 20's then you should definitely keep reading.

How to be better with email open rates?

Well, that is a question we get asked a lot. A mere 10% or 20% email open rate will not help you achieve your goals. You need to do better. Here's how:

Subject line

A hot subject line is the most important factor when it comes to boosting email open rates. A reader decides whether to open the email or not by looking at the subject line.

Try to create a hook in the form of a question when you are creating a subject line. According to psychology, every person wants to hear a question answered. Hence, if you mention a question in the subject line itself, the reader would love to open the email and find out the answer.

Add an emoji if you can. They work pretty well.

Mobile friendly

Out of 3 billion email users in the world almost 50% of them open emails from mobiles. If you want to attract these customers as well then optimizing your emails for mobiles is a really good idea.

Clear and concise

This is one point we cannot stress enough. An average consumer only gives 30 seconds to read an email. Now if you have previously sent them emails that are long and time-consuming, chances are that they will stop opening your emails.

Hence the answer is short and to-the-point emails.

Test your copies

Yes, that is correct. Before sending out emails you should test your email copies. Write two or three emails with visuals and infographics and use A/B testing to figure out what works with your audience and stick to it.

This way you will only provide your audience with email copies that represent your best work.


Relevant content is important if you want your audience to take a look at your emails and boost your email open rates. If your emails are relevant to them then the chances of opening an email are higher.

Use personalization techniques to create better and more relevant emails. Email automation will also help you to write more relevant emails.

So there you go. Email open rates and all you need to know about them to get your digital marketing side running high.

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