Email Optimization - Popular Strategies you can use to Grow Your Business

Email Optimization - Popular Strategies you can use to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is one of the most popular channels of digital marketing in the modern era. Almost 65% of consumers prefer email over other channels of communication. It provides one of the highest ROI and is used by a huge fraction of society.

Hence it is important to follow a solid email strategy to get the best out of it. A proper strategy can help with engagement, brand loyalty, and trust-building.

What is Email Optimization?

As already mentioned above, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication in digital marketing. But it only works well when it is reaching the right audience at the right time. The process to ensure this is called email optimization.

Email optimization refers to the additional improvements made by a brand in its email so that the emails reach the right audience and at the right time.

Email optimization helps a brand reach its goals with higher CTR and open rates. You might also read A Guide to Building Customer Loyalty Through Email.

Strategies for Email Optimization

To ensure your success in email marketing make sure you follow these strategies-


If you want your readers to read your email then personalize as much as you can. Research suggests that personalized emails have a much higher open rate compared to non-personalized ones.

Try to add the name of the recipient. It adds a personal touch to the email.

Use email marketing tools for segmenting email lists based on common characteristics. These use these common characteristics to send better and more personalized emails.

Well crafted subject line

Attention is given to those emails that have a well-crafted subject line. Try incorporating a question or some witty use of words in your subject lines.

Emails with emojis in their subject lines are also a big hit among readers.

The subject line is key to your email. You have 4-5 seconds of your reader’s time to convince them to open your email. The subject line helps you in this matter.

Well thought content

“Content is king,” they say. Well absolutely true.

Your readers will not read poorly drafted content or content that has no meaning to them.

Use your research skills wisely. Send more than one email if you have to. But make sure they are being read by the right audience.

Use stunning images and videos. Almost 60% of emails convert better due to captivating visuals.

Try providing small-sized content in visuals. They are easier to understand and take less time to be read.

Precise CTA

Your emails should tell your audience exactly what you want them to do next. This is called providing a CTA.

CTA’s are very important. They tell your audience exactly what their next move should be. You can also understand whether your audience prefers your brand by following the track record of their CTA.

Make sure that your CTA’s are well aligned with your goals.

Mobile friendly

One of the most important email optimization techniques is to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobiles.

There are almost 2.3 billion smartphone users in the world and almost 70% of them use email.

Indian food delivery app Swiggy uses this technique really well. They send almost 90 emails to a user in a month, all of which are mobile-friendly.

Make sure your content is well-formatted, design is well-chosen for mobile users.

So here you have it. Some of the most important email optimization strategies for your brand to follow.

Try incorporating these tips in your email marketing strategy. They do take some time but the end result is very rewarding.

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