A Guide to Email Personalization

Millions and millions are sent every month through email marketing. Hence, the consumer that you are targeting as a potential prospect, may not be only receiving emails from you. There are your competitors to think of too!

Email marketing in today's digital marketing age has become super competitive. With the invention of email marketing tools and the natural benefits of email marketing, every brand needs to have a specific identity to succeed in this competitive business.

Also, from the perspective of your readers, email marketing is supposed to follow a more considered approach. These emails that they receive should mean something o them. It should be a little bit more personal for the readers. Just a regular email blast doesn't do the trick anymore.

This is where the concept of email personalization comes into the picture.

Email Personalization - A brief idea

Email personalization is the concept of personalizing an email. It means that through email personalization you can include personal points in the email such as name and gender.

Well, there are a lot more than you can do with email personalization and we will talk about them a little later in detail, but here are a few important reasons to personalize your emails in 2022 -

  • Personalized emails generate almost 50% of targeted revenue.
  • Personalized subject line boost email open rates by almost 32%.
  • Compared to standard promotional emails, birthday emails generate much higher revenue.
  • A personalized call to action has a better chance of conversion compared to a non-personalized call to actions.
  • In a recent survey, marketers chose email personalization when asked what is going to be the most important aspect of email marketing in 2022.
  • Most startups in a survey noted a significant increase in revenue from segmented email campaigns.
  • Customers generally prefer to buy customized products from email campaigns.
  • Almost 70% of participants responded in a survey that they open email messages containing relevant products to their needs.

Hence from the above stats and figures, you can easily understand that email personalization plays a key role in the success of email marketing.

Now the question is how can you implement email personalization as your email marketing strategy?

Well here's how.

Email Personalization - Techniques for your Brand

The very basic fundamental of email personalization is to make the email more desirable for your readers by using personalization techniques.
Here is how you should go about it -

Create an Email Personalization Strategy

Using just the name of your reader in the email or just customizing one of two subject lines will not get you far. You need to have a solid plan to get into the game.

The most important factor that you should consider before creating an email personalization strategy is your email marketing goals. They should be aligned properly. Also, you should use a KPI such as open rate or conversion rate to measure that goal.

For example, if your goal is to maximize revenue, then measuring your conversion rate is pretty important. Comparing the conversion rates will help you understand how well your email personalization is working.

Hence before you start, take time, identify your goals, incorporate KPIs to measure the goal, and then make changes to your strategy.

Integrate your Platforms

Integrate your email platforms with other CRM and other e-commerce platforms. By integrating the platforms you will find valuable data to personalize your emails.

Data collection is important if you are into email personalization and integration can help you collect those data. You can easily collect the name, age, gender, geographic location, purchase, and search history. This information can help you a lot with email personalization.

The more you get to know about your customers, the better your email campaigns get.

Email Automation

If you are trying to personalize your emails then you should also try email automation. Automating your emails saves time and is good for personalizing to the highest degree.

Email automation is the process of sending a particular set of emails when your customers hit a certain trigger. For example, you can send an automatic feedback email when a customer has purchased a certain product or service from your brand.

Running an email campaign based on automated email series has been the key to success for many well-known brands. Popular automated series such as "Welcome emails" or "Happy Birthday emails" are the most popular ones. These emails bring a personal touch with them and hence they work so great when you are trying email personalization.


Segmenting your emails based on different characteristics is very important for email personalization. You need to find out what binds your customers together. These are usually some common grounds that you should focus on more.

Some customers may be within the age group of 18-25 and others may be of the 45-60. Now if you are a fashion brand chances are high that these customers are not exactly looking for the same style of product.

In such a case you need to set out separate emails based on the choice and preferences of your customers. Email segmentation lets you do that.

You can segment your emails based on the history of their purchases, their age, gender, location, and many more. Use a good email marketing tool to help you out.

So there you go. Hopefully, now you know why email personalization is so important and the benefits it has to offer. Use the techniques mentioned in the article to get your email personalization game running.

Remember, good things take time. So does email personalization. You may not see the result immediately, but it will definitely reward you in the long run.

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