The Fifteen-Second Attention Span - How to Send Emails for the Same?

The Fifteen-Second Attention Span - How to Send Emails for the Same?

Digital marketing has been doing really well in the 20th century. Rather it is at the very best of its times. But there is a lot of innovation and digital revolutions happening each day.

Email marketing is probably the most profitable channel of digital marketing because it provides the highest ROI. But email marketing is very competitive nowadays. And to add more stress to it the average attention span of a reader is about 12-15 seconds. That is a bummer!

Hence, if you want to impress your readers you only have about fifteen seconds to do so. If done correctly, fifteen seconds can actually be good enough.

The reasons for such a short attention span of humans is a matter to be discussed later. But for now, we have a few solutions for you. Use these techniques to get better at sending emails when the attention span of your reader is about fifteen seconds.

The Fifteen-Second Email Marketing Strategies

If you are willing to search the internet in order to learn email marketing strategies for 2022, well you will find thousands of them.
But we have shortlisted a few that you should definitely give it a try -


Yes! That is correct. If you want your readers to consider your emails readable, then you should definitely personalize them.

2022 is nearby and nobody likes an out-of-context email waiting for them in their inbox anymore. You have to make sure that the emails are addressed to a person, probably with their names, there should be elements of personal touch in the emails, etc.

Try segmenting your email list using the particular characteristics of your readers. Their age, gender, and geographical location are good places to start. If your customers can connect to your emails, half the job is done.

also have a look at the Email Open Rate

Subject line

We cannot stress this point enough. Your readers have a very short span of time. The main factor that stands between your emails being opened or sent to trash is the subject line of your email.

Hence, make it a priority to craft healthy and attention-grabbing subject lines.

Here are a few things that you can do in this aspect -

  • Add a hook - You do not get to put a lot of words in the subject lines. So make sure with the little words that you have, you are creating a hook. The subject line should have an element of surprise. This helps in intriguing the curiosity of your customers into opening the email.
  • Use emojis - You may have been told that using emojis in emails is a bad idea and that it looks unprofessional. Well, guess what? it doesn't have to be that way. Recent studies show that emails with emojis in their subject lines get opened more than the ones which do not have them.
  • Add a question - Ask a personalized question such as "Did you know?" or "Guess what?". Subject lines that have questions in them are opened more as the curiosity of the customers is intrigued here too.

Content should be dynamic

Every email marketer should keep in mind the concept of dynamic emails. Dynamic emails should be sent if there are different emails needed to be sent based on different characteristics.

Let us explain this with an example. Suppose you run a clothing brand. If you want to show your readers the new summer collection then you can always send them an email with the links to the products. But if you use a dynamic email then that same email will perform based on the gender of the email receiver. So, your reader can check out only the clothes designed for males from that collection and the same goes for women.

This is the power of dynamic content.


Survey and research suggest that recommendations work like a charm when it comes to email marketing. Still don't get it? Here's what we are trying to say.

Send your customers recommendations based on their history of purchase.

These emails have a much higher chance of getting opened within the fifteen-second attention span.

You should use the product suggestion in the subject line as a hook. By doing so, the customer becomes curious to find out what is inside the email because he or she has been actually looking for the product or similar products.

Mobile optimization

That is correct! Out of the 3 billion email users in this world, 50% of them open emails from their mobile phones.

If you are serious about email marketing then you should definitely optimize your emails for mobile devices.

Mobile devices are where the magic happens. Most email marketing service providers have the option of optimizing mobile phones. It is an automatic process. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your emails optimize better for mobile devices-

  • The thing is that with mobiles you don't have much space. The screens are usually small. So you have to write better. And you have to write short.
  • Work on your headlines. Mobiles have small screens so distinct headlines are a must. Also, use different fonts so that they are separate.
  • Make sure the images that you use are fitting well on the screen. And also do not use too many images.

So there it is. If you want to rule your readers and win them over every time you send them an email then these are the things that you should definitely do. If you are late then do not worry, 2022 is a whole new year.

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