GIF’s in email – A broader story

Well if you are an email marketer you probably know what a GIF is. GIF or Graphic Interchange Format has taken the world of email marketing by storm. They were not this popular since 1987. But with the advent of digital marketing GIFs have a whole new playing field.

If you are wondering whether GIFs are good for your emails then you are reading the right article.

Why should I use GIFs in my emails?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should use GIFs in emails. We will just name a few-

Better interaction

GIFs are better than static images. They can create motions in images and hence it is better to interact with your customers.

Understanding product demos is very easy with a GIF.

Better open rates

It is difficult to draw the attention of your readers. But using a GIF helps you with this goal.

Research suggests that emails with GIFs are opened more than emails that do not have GIFs.

So it is a win for you!

Replace videos

Sometimes videos are expensive to create and many users may not have the required media player to play the videos. Also, videos may have broken links.

All that can be loved by sending a GIF instead of a video. There is no question of broken links and it is inexpensive to create one.

Also, your email readers may not have time to go through a video, but it only takes a second to go through a GIF.

Attract millennials

GIFs are mostly used by millennials as per research. So if you want to speak their language the go with a GIF email campaign. That can never go wrong.

So now you know why you should be using GIFs in your email campaigns. Now let’s look at some brands who are already killing it with their GIF in email campaigns-


This giant of a company has its subscribers mesmerized with their outstanding use of GIFs in their email campaigns. The GIFs are very trendy and educational in nature.


Another great example is Nest. They have made really great GIFs with coding. Their recent GIFs are using animations and coding to create an unreal experience.


If you like funny GIFs check out headspace. Their GIFs are very straightforward and attention-grabbing in nature.


Strava uses their GIF in emails to explain to their audience how well they have performed in their fitness challenges. The GIFs really bring out the aesthetic factor in their brand.


Another great example of good GIF use in emails is Uber. The use of GIFs is very subtle with uber’s email campaigns. They mostly use cars in their GIFs which matches the service they provide.


Netflix has really gone forward with its GIF use. They are really upgrading their email design with GIFs. They create stunning GIFs to promote each of their shows through email.


If you want to give life to your illustrations then check out what Harry’s is up to. They are using GIFs to increase the click-through rate.


Nike uses fantastic design elements in their GIFs which is at par with their product. They have been using interactive media for a very long time in their emails and now they are known all over the globe for their email marketing strategies.

So if you are planning to use GIFs in your emails follow the examples of the brand above and create your own GIF email campaign. Make sure you do not go overboard with GIF use.

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