A Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

A Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

If you are a digital marketer, then you know how important holidays are for your business. With the massive growth of the e-commerce industry in the last few years, the holiday season is one of the main causes of this growth.

Because of this email marketing is now more important than ever! It is necessary to have a holiday email marketing strategy. View the Understanding the Last Chance Email as well.

Why is Email the best tool for holiday email marketing?

Emails are considered the best tool for holiday marketing because:

Email is good for mobile users

Research suggests in countries such as the USA and UK most of the holiday shopping is done with the help of smartphones. Also, India, and China are not far behind.

Keeping the consumer updated with emails is important. Hence mobile-friendly emails with good templates are the way to go!

Instant buy option

Emails provide an instant buy-in option. Most digital marketers provide this option in their emails for better sales.

Emails can be personalized

With the right email marketing tool, emails can be personalized so that consumers get what they want instead of a regular email blast.

Writing powerful subject lines

Since now you know all about the importance of emails in holiday marketing, let’s talk about how to go forward with an email.

You can always catch the attention of your readers with a powerful subject line. Here are a few ways to do so:

Choose catchy words

Use captivating sales-oriented words in the subject line. Try these:

“hot deals”
“limited period offer”
“open now”
“now or never”


It is worthy to personalize your email subject line as per research.

In the next holiday email, try putting the name of the customer in the subject line. It really works!

Add emoji

In an informal email, emojis work wonders! Contrary to popular belief, emojis have a way of speaking more than words.

Try using the snowman on Christmas, or firecrackers on Diwali.

Question your reader

Questions are a great idea for an email subject line. Try questions like "Looking for the best deals in cooking appliances?" or "want your new books gift-wrapped?".

Try to make a question out of the entire content that you send through email.

Put your offer

A lot of brands will try to get the attention of your customer with promotional emails. Don’t make them search for your offer.

Put the offer in the subject line ad you will see what happens.

A few good Email Strategies

Just like crafting a splendid subject line is a good strategy, here are a few other ideas you can use:

Relate your emails

You can combine your emails with a popular holiday jingle for a special feel,

You will see Zomato and Swiggy use this technique in India. La Mer is another brand that is making it big with this technique abroad.

Last minute deals

These always work. If you are in email marketing then you must follow this strategy. Last-minute deals always work because of their spontaneous nature.

Send these deals before the holiday and you are bound to get high conversions.

Post-holiday emails

Follow-up emails after the holidays are very important. Most marketers miss this. But this is one of the techniques used by Sephora to boost their holiday sales.

There you go. All you need to know is to get started with holiday Email Marketing. Follow the guide to help you get started. Give it time and you are good to go.

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