How to apologize through emails?

Email marketing is a growing digital marketing channel. One brand sends approximately hundreds of emails per day. It is very difficult to keep track of such emails. Moreover, emails are sent by employees and to err is human.

Making mistakes is a very common factor. Simple mistakes can be such as sending a broken link or sending an email to the wrong segment of customers.

A major blunder is when you mention the wrong date of your webinar and confuse your email readers.

If you have done such mistakes in the past then you know what we are talking about and how serious it can be. It is necessary to send an apology email.

An apology email is nothing but an email that you send to your audience after a mistake has been made.

Why should you send out an apology email?

These are the following reasons for sending out an apology email-

Trust- An apology email shows that you are trying to rectify your mistake. This helps in creating trust between your email list and brand.

Customer retention- If your brand has done a major blunder then it is possible that your customer might want to look elsewhere for their needs. This can be stopped by writing an apology email.

Do the right thing- If you have shared a broken link or have sent a wrong email to the segment, then you can do the right thing now. With your apology email, you can share the right thing.

Factors to consider while sending an apology email

Now that you know why you should be sending out an apology email, let’s look at how you should send an apology email-

Don’t panic

Yes! You heard it right and you know that we are right. Panic will not get you anything if not more panic. Try to stay cool and deal with the problem.

Remember, mistakes happen. To deal with it is the mark of a true entrepreneur. So send out a casual email admitting your mistake. This will help your brand look more credible.

Don’t blame

Don’t play the blame game. It will make matters worse.

It will look like things are out of control in your brand and people will gradually move out. Also, it reflects poorly on your efforts.


If not done already now would be a great time to personalize your emails.

Your customers want to see real apology emails from a person and not some generic reply.

Readymade templates

Try readymade apology email templates. Their help goes a long way and they also help you save time.

Give your customers a reason

If your email mistake is too big a deal, then give your customers a reason to trust you.

Tell them how you plan to manage such mistakes in the future and try to provide them with some incentive such as a discount coupon on their next purchase.

Use appropriate humor

One thing that can lighten the mood a little is good humor. Make sure they are appropriate with the situation and don’t go overboard with it.

Here are tips that you can use to make your apology email marketing game to the point.

Remember to be empathetic with your clients and explain the situation. Provide some incentive and you will get better responses. Mistakes can happen and will happen. There isn’t much you can do to stop it. But if you follow the tips you can definitely rectify them.

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