How to engage new customers via email?

Digital marketing has become a million-dollar industry and email marketing is the way forward. It is important to have a thriving email marketing campaign to attract customers. But what to do after that?

Many digital marketers have often raised this question. The answer is simple. You need an email marketing strategy to engage with them.

An email marketing strategy is a technique to achieve your end goals with the help of email campaigns. It is one of the most profitable sales techniques. With the help of email marketing, conversion rates have touched the ceiling for some small businesses and now they are known all over the world such as ZURB and Buzzfeed.

You can also turn up the heat with a better understanding of a few strategies and engage new customers. Not only will this process help you understand your customers better, but it will also help you to segment them. So when you know what their tastes and preferences are, you will be able to send them customized emails suited to them.

Tips to engage new customers

Tell them who you are

It is important for a subscriber to learn about your company. They need to know about your company first. You can send them a “Welcome email” and along with it tell them a little bit about your brand.

This is a basic courtesy that goes a long way when building a relationship is concerned.

Be consistent

Now you have welcomed your new customer. Next is to be consistent with your newsletters and provide valuable information to your subscriber.

Remember, consistency is key. It helps in building trust towards your brand. There may be follow-up emails from your readers. Be sure to answer them as soon as possible. This increases your chances of conversion.

Incorporate images

Make sure your email is not something that will put your readers to sleep. Just typing an email is not enough. Make sure there are well-crafted images in your emails.

Images help readers understand emails better. Also, you can convey your messages with the help of just one image. Usually, this helps because a customer doesn’t have much time to spare over emails. Images help them understand the gist of the matter.

Mobile friendly

We cannot stress this point enough. Please make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices.

According to research, 64% of emails sent regularly are not optimized for mobile use.

This is exactly what you should avoid. Mobiles are a very important medium for reading emails. In fact, most emails are opened through mobiles.
Try to make your content accessible on all platforms.

Relevance is important

Make sure that you are not sending emails just for the sake of it.

Your readers expect content from you that is beneficial to them in some way. So instead of sending email blasts, you should concentrate on segmentation.

Segmentation is the process of segmenting your email list on the basis of common characteristics such as age, gender, etc. After that, you should send emails based on common tastes and preferences.

Research shows that personalized emails work much better compared to email blasts.


You can use email marketing automation for repetitive emails. This helps in reducing your workload.

For example, the welcome email can be automated for every new subscriber that joins your email list.

Automation is a very good strategy for new customers.

Follow these tips to engage your new customers. It needs work but the end result is very rewarding.

Emails have a way of maintaining a one on one relationship with your readers. This helps you in understanding your customer better and building better relationships. You will have to gain their trust first and then work on selling your products and email marketing is a perfect way to achieve that.

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