How to grow email subscribers if you are an eCommerce company?

Email marketing is important if you are an e-commerce company. It is especially important for new e-commerce companies as it helps with a lot of factors.

There are almost 2.3 billion email users worldwide. Hence, if you want people to know about your products and services then email is the best way to do so.

A solid list of email subscribers is required if you want to grow your e-commerce business through email marketing. And it is not so difficult to do because recent surveys suggest that people prefer to communicate with brands through email.

How to grow email subscribers

Here are some of the popular ways that you can grow your email subscribers:


Website pop-ups are a great way to gather email ids in exchange for discounts. You can simply attach a pop-up with your website. Whenever a customer enters your website, they will get a pop-up window on their screen. On that screen, the message of a discount should be clearly mentioned. This will attract the customer to sign the email newsletter with their email id.

Research says that popups convert traffic at the rate of 10%-12%.

Rewards and loyalty program

Build a good reward or loyalty program. These kinds of programs help you retain your customers and increase trust in your brand.

A good reward or loyalty program will help you acquire more email id and help you to grow your subscriber’s list.

A reward or loyalty program is any kind of program that incentivizes your audience to stay. You can also go a step further and start a referral program. In this way, there is an incentive for anybody who refers your email program to their friends.

Gate your content

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you have resources such as free e-books and blogs, you can gate your content.

Gated content simply means that a user has to sign up with their email address before reading your content.

Popular websites such as SCRIBD and Slideshare use this technique to grow their email subscribers. If you are an e-commerce company, you can do the same thing.

Interact with your audience

Customers love to interact with brands. Popular companies have adopted the technique of interaction to grow their email list.

Organize games and quizzes for your website visitors. They find this irresistible. Also, this helps you make the buyer’s journey a little more in your favor.

Organize small games such as “guess the brand” and give out prizes such as discounts and free shipping. All they have to do is enter their email id in return.


If you have a fan base in social media then giveaways are a perfect opportunity to grow your email list.

Organize contests for your giveaways. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the perfect social media channels to do this.

Create a separate landing page for this contest. The contestants have to enter their email ids to enter this contest.

Giveaways are great for customer retention and of course for new customer acquisition.

So these are some of the most effective techniques to gather more email subscribers for your e-commerce company. The process is not very simple. It takes patience and a lot of continuous effort on your part to grow a steady and healthy email list.

An email marketing tool such as WowSender makes the process somewhat easier. You can know your customers better here with the help of email personalization and automation.

Email is crucial for both your short and long-term success. So take your time to apply the above-mentioned techniques to grow your email list.

Team WowSender
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