How to turn prospects into clients with email automation?

If you are new to email marketing, you might have heard of the term “email automation”. But you might not be sure what it stands for or what it can do.

“Email automation” is the process of automating some of your recurring emails based on certain trigger points. So when your customers fall under those trigger points, they will receive an email from you automatically. Yes! It is possible!

In fact, most welcome emails that you receive when you sign in to an email program, chances are that you are receiving an automated email.

With the rise in the digital marketing industry, email automation has become a very useful tool to turn your prospects into clients. Yes, you can use email automation to boost your conversion rates.

In this article, we will give you tips for the same. Use WowSender for all your email work. It is a very user-friendly tool that helps you with a lot of features such as contact profile, automation, artificial intelligence, and a lot more!

How can I increase the conversion rate with email automation?

Remember, marketing automation is not a miracle for your business. It is just a process that can help you with your conversion leads. You have to make sure that your website works like a charm.

In order to optimize your landing webpage properly make sure you have done all these in advance:

  • Ensure that your websites have faster page loads
  • Make sure that they have proper CTA’s
  • Do not cram your websites with a lot of content. Keep it simple
  • Place your conversion elements where your customers can see them. Good images are always a plus point!
  • Add customer reviews

Ensuring that your landing page is optimized, now you can do the following to automate your emails:

Personalize and segment

Before you start with proper email automation, do not forget to personalize the emails that you have decided to send. Personalization works like a charm as it makes the customers feel important.

Also, don’t send the same mail to all your customers. Draft emails based on the tastes and preferences of your subscribers. Use segmentation to classify your contacts based on their common characteristics.

Use triggers wisely

The beauty of marketing automation is that it lets you communicate with your readers instantly. Whenever you have set up a trigger and that trigger is activated by a customer, automation kicks in.

Suppose your customer has clicked on a product link in one of your emails. Then with the help of email automation, you can send the person another email with discounts and offers on related offers.

These triggers can be in the form of:

  • Welcome emails
  • Sending a confirmation email
  • Sending thank-you notes etc.

Integrate as you please

Email campaigns and newsletters can be integrated with your email automation to send recipients more timely and relevant emails. You can integrate your CRM software with your email automation to store the data of your customers.

Integrating social media with email automation is also a possibility. It gives you the ability to convert leads from your social media accounts through email automation.

Automate your emails based on workflows

When the triggers are met use workflows to determine email automation.

They can be like:

  • Welcome email workflow
  • Thank you workflow
  • Content
  • Loyalty etc

Keep a score on your leads

Research suggests that most well-known marketers keep a tab on their leads. Keeping a score on your leads help you figure out whether your leads are sales-ready or not.

This in turn helps to decide what kind of content to send for their consumption. To keep a score on your leads assign points to tasks which a lead is supposed to do and then just count the total points. This will help you get the lead score.

So now you know how to automate your emails to convert leads. So go out there and make the most of it.

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing