How to use images effectively in an email

What is the use of putting images in email? Isn’t putting images in emails extra work?

Well, that’s not true. Images are processed by humans 6 times faster than text. One of the biggest worries of any email sender is whether his/her audience will read the email at all. This is where speed is of the essence.

An emailer has only a few seconds to capture the attention of his/her audience. This is where images do the work.

An email pic has the capacity of attracting the attention of the audience. Images are visually more attractive than text hence pictures are important in an email.

The right email pic will help bring in more views and affect the conversion rate.

What to do?

To attract your customers with email pic you should do the following-

  • Good images support messages - You should not put images just because you want to, but because the message demands it.
    A good image should always compliment the message and not distract the audience away from the message.
    Now keeping that in mind, try adding images wherever the message seems to be a little incomplete.
    Or you can always add images at the end of the mail such as a “Thank You”. Offers such as discounts and special bonuses look great in image format.
  • An image should be in the context of the message - Your company sells shoes. You want to tell your audience about those gorgeous trekking boots for sale.
    You type a compelling email telling about the offer. But, you put the image of another trekking boots. This should not happen.
    Images in an email should be in the context of the message that you want to say. Out-of-context email pic usually give brands a bad name.
  • Quality is of prime importance - The image that you put speaks a lot. Don’t cheap out.
    Make sure the email pic is of good quality and appealing to the viewer. Nobody wants to look at an ugly image. It usually spoils the look and feels of the email.
    Chose soothing colors, appropriate words in the pic, and proper contrast and brightness so that they don’t appear out of place.
  • Stick to one image style - An image speaks of your brand. The style and method of communication you follow are portrayed through the picture.
    To make sure that they stay intact, stick to one style of image. You should always keep in mind what kind of a business you are running.
    Your images in email can be text-heavy, they can have nice vectors and cursive fonts. Or they can be images of gorgeous places with very little to nothing in terms of letters.
    Whatever you choose, just stick to that for the images to follow.
  • Just putting images can also do the trick - Sometimes you can sum up your message through an image.
    You don’t really need to put words in an email. If that is possible, do it!
    As already said before, images have the capacity of attracting your audience.
    Infographics are a very popular way of getting the most out of images in email.
    Companies such as Zomato and Flipkart are using this method to get tons of conversions on their emails.

What not to do?

The only way you can hurt your campaign is by putting in too many images. It takes a lot of time and effort to build good images. If you bombard your emails with images customers usually lose focus on what is important and what is not.

There is something known as visual noise. It is when there are too many images on screen and you don’t know what the actual message is.

To make it simple do not put more than 2 to 3 images in an email.

So now you know how to optimize your emails with images. Use attracting images to gain the attention of your audience and convert them into leads like never before!

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