Importance of Infographics in 2022 in Email Campaigns

Importance of Infographics in 2022 in Email Campaigns

If you are into email marketing and you see that there is a decline in open rate and that your subscribers are unsubscribing your email list fast, then maybe it is time to change your email marketing strategy a little.

Every email strategy needs to be updated with time. It will be 2022 very soon and if you are only relying on text for your email marketing campaigns then you might be left behind with respect to your competitors.

This is where you should try out Infographics.

What are Infographics?

Infographics are when you provide your customers with a sizeable portion of information in the form of an image. Infographics may include stagnant images, GIFs, etc.

There are various types of infographics such as -

Statistical Infographics

This kind of infographics helps put the statistics forward. The visualization helps understand the data better.

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Informational Infographics

Mostly used to provide information about a new product. The template is created in such a way that the information about the product is easily understood by the customer.

Timeline Infographics

If you need to show changes in your product or maybe the milestones that your business has achieved, then timeline infographics are your best bet!

Process Infographics

Use process infographics if you want to highlight certain steps of a process. For example, if you want your audience to learn about how they can use UPI to pay for your products, you can show them a process infographic.

Geographic Infographics

Location-based data can be shown with a geographic infographic. This kind of infographic can tell you which geographic location is doing better just by looking at it.

Infographics help your audience understand what you are trying to say faster than text. Research says people understand infographics almost 60 times faster than text.

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Importance of Infographics in 2021

You know what an infographic is. You also know the most popular types of infographics.
Now let's look at some of the reasons why you should consider using them in your 2022 email campaigns -

To process Information faster

One of the key components of an infographic is that it is easy to look at and much faster to comprehend.

Your average reader will give about 30 seconds to read an email. Such a short span of time is not much to get your message through to your audience. In that case, an infographic can help.

Infographics are known for their quality of being easy to understand.

Better Retention

The human mind works in mysterious ways. They want infographics.

It means that infographics are better retained by their readers. The information that is delivered from infographics stays in the minds of the readers longer. It is the perfect opportunity for you.

You should always attach infographics for discounts and upcoming Sale notifications. They will be better retained in the minds of your customers.

Boosts Email Open Rates

That's right! An email with infographics in them has better open rates than the ones that do not. Also, better open rates mean higher chances of conversion.

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Better response to CTA

Email that has infographics gets a better response to their CTA. That is true. If your audience understands the email well, then they understand what the CTA is and what to do next.

If you are looking for more subscribers to your social media handles or need more feedback about your products, try using infographics in your email.

There are a lot more important benefits of using infographics in your email campaigns. But we hope you get the gist. So what should you do about it as an email marketing expert?

Ideas for 2022 Email Campaigns

Well, if you have not started using infographics in your email campaigns, you are not late yet. 2022 can be your year of using infographics in email campaigns.
Here are a few ideas to get you started -

Use infographics to highlight important data

That is right. Since you have used text in your email campaigns, it might be difficult for you to switch to infographics suddenly. Take it easy. When you are starting out just go for the important data and highlight them using infographics.

Your audience might find this more interesting than your previous text-savvy emails and respond better to this new email campaign.

Infographic based content

Once your audience and you get used to sending and receiving infographic emails you should try sending them long format emails through infographics.

The idea is to shorten the information in long-format emails and deliver the data through infographics. For that, you can use statistical infographics or informational infographics.

Remember, there is no need to express what the images have to say again in the form of text. You can just leave a description of the image in the image caption.

Signup through Infographics

If you have signups going on for a new webinar, tutorial classes, or just for your email list for that matter, you should signup your audience through infographics.

You can use process infographics for the same. It will help your readers understand the necessary steps to be taken.

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So there you go. Now you have a vast idea about what an infographic is, what are the various types, why they are important in 2022, and how to use them in your email campaigns.

Remember that infographics are a tool. They will help your audience understand the subject matter of your emails much faster. But do not go overboard with it. Too many images in an email can end up confusing your readers and the message of your email may get lost.

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