Influencers and Email Marketing - Is there a Real Connection?

Influencers and Email Marketing - Is there a Real Connection?

With digital marketing careers at their peak, there is one particular channel of it that is often overlooked. And that is Influencer marketing.

If you are an email marketer then you should be using influencers to market your product or services. Influencers have a huge base of followers on social media and they can really make your brand achieve new heights.

What is Influencer Marketing? What are its types?

There are many established social media and internet celebrities who started from scratch to probably a million followers. These people are called influencers. The term says it all.

Influencer marketing is the process of finding these influencers on social media and making them work for your brand. But it is not that simple.

You should not just choose any influencer for your brand. The influencer who can make a change for your business should have a base of followers suited for your brands. For example, a lifestyle influencer may be a good choice for your clothing and fashion brand instead of an influencer whose expertise is in cooking.

Now there are three main types of influencers.
Choose the kind that suits you:

  • Micro-influencers - They are just starting out and maybe they were not aiming to be an influencer in the first place. Anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 followers is good enough.
  • In the middle - Well they don't have a perfect term but "in the middle" are influencers who can easily have more than 30,000 followers on social media. They usually talk about a particular topic. Their fans are dedicated and loyal to them.
  • Macro Influencers - These are the real deal. Their fan following can easily cross 3,00,000 followers on social media. They have the best reach and they are like the real deal.

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Tips to work with influencers as an email marketing wiz

Well, now you know a little about influencer marketing.
Let's take a dive and see how you can work with influencers as an email marketer:

Find the right micro-influencers

Finding the right micro-influencer is really important.

A micro-influencer is a good choice because they are cheap and easy to do business with. Also, authenticity plays a key role. The influencer and followers are usually tight-knit. This will help in getting better prospects for your brand.

Influencer email strategy

Allow your influencers to talk to your audience through your email campaigns. Attach pieces of testimonials and conversations with your influencers in your emails.

It works really well. It is like an interview with a celebrity. Allow your influencers to come up with content for your email campaigns. They know their audience the most. Hence, they know what works.

Inhouse Influencer

Probably not the most desired idea, but you as an email marketer can yourself act as an influencer. Yes, that is right! You can have your own fan base and market your product among them!

Highlight your influencers

If you have spent on influencer marketing then it is only fair that you highlight that to your entire audience.

So in your next email campaigns, highlight the fact that you are up to industry collaborations. This will help your readers know what you have been up to. This kind of email campaign works well for both your brand and your influencer.

These are the topmost effective tips that you as an email marketer can do with influencers. Influencer marketing is a big industry and it is growing day by day.

So get out there and take advantage of the situation. Also, check out WowSender, the only email marketing tool you will ever need.

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