Integrating social media marketing into email campaigns

Email marketing and social media marketing are the two sides of the same coin. You can double your digital marketing efforts by integrating social media with your email campaigns.

It is important to understand that a successful digital marketing campaign is not social media vs email but, it is to combine the two.

Benefits of integrating social media with email campaigns:

  • Recognize customer loyalty - Based on your email service tools you can understand which customers have the highest open rates.
    You can send them customized packages so that they feel special.
    They go and tell people on their social media channel about your great service. And you have found an influencer for your brand! Use WowSender as your email tool.
  • A new platform to interact - Social media is a great platform to interact with your email subscribers. You can let them know about your social media presence.
    They can stay updated with your new offers and product updates. Social media can help you define your prospects.
  • Easy sharing - Drafting a proper email, keeping in mind the social media principles will help your subscribers share the email more on their social media channels.
    This will result in more email opens increasing the conversion rate.
  • More subscribers - When there are more email shares there are more subscribers! It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s how to integrate social media marketing into email campaigns:

Upload subscribers list to social networks

Uploading your list of subscribers to Facebook and Linkedin helps your email subscribers get a face and name.

If you follow them thoroughly on their social media journey, you will get a clear idea of their tastes and preferences. This will help you create personalized emails for them which will rate in better conversion.

Try WowSender for your email marketing efforts.

Invite social media followers to subscribe to your email list

Due to new algorithms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out to your audience organically on social media.

In such cases, you can always connect with your followers over email. Hence, you should always invite your social media followers to subscribe to your email list.

In this way, even if new updates come up or you may have lost your business page due to some reason, you can always stay connected to your followers.

Retweet this tag

A great way of gaining social media traction especially on LinkedIn is by adding a “retweet this” tag in your emails.

This way your emails get opened more and lead to higher conversion rates.

Better referrals

You can ask your email subscribers to refer you on social media. They can send referral links to their friends and family.

In return, the subscribers get some sort of reward like a special discount or incentives.

Incorporate live social media feeds

One of the best ways of integrating social media with email campaigns is by adding live social media feeds.

You can always add a webinar to your emails so that your readers get a good idea of how important your brand is in social media. Also, it is a great way of gaining organic followers.

Retarget prospects through ads

A very clever way of turning prospects into customers is through social media ads.

Pick out a list of email subscribers who had opened your emails, but didn’t convert, target these customers through social media ads. It increases the chances of conversion.

Also, it is much more cost-effective.

Organize social media contests to build email lists

One thing that a rational person loves, is a good contest. Organizing a social media contest is a great way to build your email list.

One of the most popular social media contests is a good Q&A session across various social media platforms.

While the Q&A is going on you can ask your audience for their email ids and their consent to receive emails from your brands. Another great way to gain organic followers.

So now you know how to use both social media in your email campaigns. Use these tips to grow your list of email subscribers and enjoy higher conversions!

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing