Marketing Automation - What Is The Hype All About?

It’s not dun doing repetitive tasks. This is where automation helps you. The same can be done for marketing.

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate marketing activities. Marketing automation helps you with repetitive tasks. If you set an algorithm the software will follow it and do the work for you.

It saves a lot of time and effort for marketers and small business owners. You can allot that time to something more important.

Using marketing automation for your business

If you are a business owner you can use marketing automation in the fields of email marketing and social media marketing.

You can follow the basic steps to automate some of your marketing efforts:

  • Send an invitation to purchase the latest ebook to all your email contacts. Let your ebook be about the campaign van business.
  • Next, send an email to the ones who actually purchased your ebook. Send them a congratulations mail. Remember personalizing is important for such emails.
  • After a while, you can send a follow-up mail asking about their camping experiences in Vans.
  • The ones who reply to you are more likely to buy your products. Your sales team can contact these people as they are more prone to conversion.

To do and Not to do

As a beginner marketing automation may seem like a tedious process. But with time it will get easier.

Here are a few things you should not do:

Broadcasting general messages

Remember, one size may not fit all. Hence, personalizing messages is important.

If you broadcast messages for everybody people may not read them as it may be of no value to them.

So always segment your contact list and send relevant emails.

Your current customers are important

Marketing automation is more oriented towards getting new customers. In order to get new clients don’t forget about your old ones.

They are already loyal to your brand and with time they will fetch you more revenue.

Here’s what you should do:


Send highly relevant topics to small batches of users who are looking for the same. Instead of sending email blasts to irrelevant users, this process will help.

Nobody wants to read topics they don’t like. Personalizing helps you avoid just the same.

Segment your contact list based on common characteristics and send emails based on their taste and preferences.

Focus on your customer

Don’t get carried away by marketing automation. Marketing automation is a tool that helps you focus on your clients more.

Remember, your clients are the reason why you need marketing automation. It is here to improve communication between you and your client.

Marketing and sales collaboration

One of the biggest gifts marketing automation can give you is a collaboration with marketing and sales.

If you are a marketer you know very well that marketing and sales go hand in hand. With proper automation, your sales team will be notified with prospective buyers of your product.

Marketing automation narrows the sales funnel. This in turn helps the sales team.

Important features of marketing collaboration

Lead nurture

As already said, marketing automation has the ability to nurture leads. Sending automated emails or messages to a series of prospects helps in finding leads.

Personalized email

Emailing gets personal with marketing automation. It helps businesses develop better relationships with their customers.

Campaign management

It is a great tool for campaign management. With the help of marketing automation, you can reach out to a lot of potential customers. Running email campaigns with automation works great around the sales cycle.

So use marketing automation but wisely. Do not get carried away. Remember, you use automation for your customers and not just because you can.

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing