Online Courses to Grow Your Email List - A Short Story

Online Courses to Grow Your Email List - A Short Story

One of the basic aspects of growing an email list is lead generation. In this generation of digital marketing, lead generation is fairly simple. But the competition is severe.

And since competition is severe, you need to stay a step ahead. But in order to do that you need to have something special that nobody else does. Well, there can be many such strategies. We are going to talk about one such strategy in this article.

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Importance and relevance of an online course in lead generation

We have talked about lead generation and using a particular strategy. This strategy is called creating an online course.

Online courses are great for a business. Here’s why:

Become an industry leader

An online course helps you gain the title of a pioneer. It shows your audience that you are confident to educate the world. Choose a topic you are good at and get started.

Develops trust

With an online course in the market, your credibility increases. Which in turn increases trust. An online course is a very human approach. This lets your audience see how confident you are about what you do.

Better customer engagement

Brands like to engage with their customers. One of the ways of doing so is with an online course. People start talking and interacting with the course modules. This in turn increases customer engagement.

Research suggests that customers prefer to buy from brands with whom they interact more. An online course is a perfect tool to achieve this goal.

How to Get Started?

Now that you know why an online course is a good deal for your business, let’s get to the how part, how you should get started-


First, you need to figure out the topic. Then divide the topic into specific modules. Then for each module prepare the necessary content. You can go a step further and bring in guests for your topics. This makes you look better in front of your audience. Make sure that your course solves a specific problem.


Once you have decided on your content plan where you want to host the course. The most popular choice is Youtube.

You can also host it on a third-party website. By doing this your online course is usually more streamlined, but it is more expensive.

Another way to host is by self. You can add plugins to your websites that allow you to self-host your material. This way your audience will not have to jump from one domain to another for accessing your course.

Signup page

Create a high converting signup page for your online course. Typically Effective copy, good highlights, and actionable CTA’s are enough to get you started.


Use all your communication channels such as social media, email marketing, and SMS marketing to inform your users about the course.

Informing the world about your course helps in generating leads for your course.


Lastly, after the course has been completed by a user ask for valuable feedback. Not only will you get valuable information on how to improve your course, but you will also come out as credible in the eyes of the user.

These are some of the top reasons why you should get an online course and how you should start one.

The idea is very simple. A good online course helps in adding value to your users. In turn, you earn their trust. New users get to know more about you, and in turn, you get more leads. This increases your email list.

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