Proven local email marketing strategies for small businesses

Email marketing is the most profitable digital marketing channel with an average ROI of 200%. That is a lot more compared to other channels of communications such as tell calling and social media.

Research suggests that email marketing is a preferred medium of communication by top digital marketers. They say that no matter what your business is, you should take the advantage of email marketing. And it is very true. Research says companies such as Mod Cloth, Runkeeper, and Litmus are doing much better after incorporating email marketing into their digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing strategies for small businesses

If you are wondering how you can start email marketing then simply follow these strategies to run a successful email marketing campaign:

Editorial calendar

You must maintain an editorial calendar for your business. When email marketing is your priority then the content is your necessity.

Maintaining an editorial calendar helps you deal with a lot of problems. One of the biggest problems that writers face is writer’s block. But if you already have content planned you can avoid this situation.

Also, an editorial calendar helps you create content relevant to holidays and events that keep happening in your city or country. With an editorial calendar, you can take full advantage of holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas, New year’s, etc.

Daily newsletters

Your readers should find your content valuable. That is why your newsletters should consist of important tips and valuable information which the readers should find useful.

For example, if your business is based on fashion you can provide free tips and what’s trending to your readers through newsletters. This way you can push your products too.

Newsletters help create trust and loyalty towards a brand. Also, make sure you are fairly regular with your newsletters. Send at least one email a week. This will your readers remember you.

Case studies

Everybody is looking for solutions to their problems. And you have to work on that with whatever you have.

One way you can gain the trust of your readers is by providing case studies. If you provide examples of how you have helped your other customers, the impact will be greater.

Incorporate testimonials in your case studies. This increases reliability. Images, videos, or simple text will do just fine.

Special discounts

Everybody loves discounts. Research suggests that emailers who include offers and discounts in their emails have a higher open rate.

Discounts are a great email marketing tool. You can share special coupons for discounts embedded with your email. Include links to your products in this email as they have a high chance of being opened.

Loyalty program

Now since we have talked about special discounts, a loyalty program is the next best thing.

You can send your customers special gifts on important days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Email marketing is a great way to go about it. You can also ask your readers for referrals and after each successful conversion, you can offer some special discount. Also, you should create some excitement about your new launches with this program.

Add social media

Remember to use social media to have a better email marketing campaign. Social media is a great tool and should be used in collaboration with your email marketing initiatives.

Use email marketing to reach out to your social media followers. Ask them for referrals and you can track them through your social media accounts.

Some advanced tips

Here are a few pro email marketing strategies that you can follow-

  • A/B testing - Use split testing to see which email copy has a better reach. This helps you provide your readers with your best work.
  • Segmentation - Personalize your emails based on common characteristics that your readers share. Segmented emails have higher open rates.
  • Automation - Automate repetitive tasks to save time and effort.

Follow the strategies to market yourself better with email marketing.

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