Repurpose your social media content for emails

It can sometimes be difficult to find out new content for your daily or weekly newsletters. Email marketing can be difficult at times because of the lack of new content. But it doesn’t have to be.

Email marketing is a medium that you use to maintain a relationship with your customers. The end goal of this relationship may end in passing information and education, more sales, lead generation, you get the idea.

Social media is another channel that also lets you maintain such a relationship but the dynamics are a bit different. Hence, repurposing social media content for your email subscribers is a good idea.

In fact, there are many emailers who might not be a part of your social media circle. They miss out on a lot of content. Hence, repurposing social media content is beneficial for such users.

How to repurpose social media content for email

There are a few methods that you can follow to repurpose social media content for your email subscribers. These can be done with the help of a marketing tool such asWowSender. It is the only emailing tool you will ever need.

You can repurpose social media content for an email in the following ways:

Show your best work

Round up your social media posts from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, and put in in an email. Chances are since your social media audience loves these posts, your email subscribers will love it too.

Your social media audience is actually showing you a way about email marketing.
Try to do a new roundup of social media posts each week or each month. This way you will not have to worry about what to post each month or week. Your social media content will take care of your email content.

Use the Facebook poll tool

Facebook and Instagram have introduced the poll option for a while now. It is a great tool for market research. You can directly conduct a poll about what to write for the next email newsletters, and you will get the most popular choices from your social media users.

A lot of influencers use this technique when they have writer’s block.

For example, conduct a Facebook poll about the latest fashion trends on Instagram. Based on the popular choice you can create a post such as “What kind of jackets are in fashion these days?”

Reshare images

Social media is a great place to share image-based content. These kinds of images get more share than just text-based content. Hence, using them in emails is also a pretty good idea.

Make a list of the top 10 popular images shared from your social media account and you can add them in your next email.

Service-based companies such as Urban company and Zomato use this exact technique to gain trust and loyalty from their customers.

Make a list of social media tips

One of the most popular social media strategies is to provide useful tips and information about your industry that your customers can use. This is exactly what should be shared in emails also.

All you have to do is to make a list of your most shared social media tips and combine them into an email. Your subscribers will love that because these tips will actually help them and solve their problems.

Social testimonials

Social media is a great platform for testimonials about your brand and product. You can combine these testimonials into an email and share them with your email subscribers.

Social testimonials go a long way when building brand loyalty and trust is concerned.

Now you know the why and how to repurpose social media content for email. A lot of companies are using it and this has proved to be beneficial. Research suggests that top email marketing campaigns are based on repurposing content. Content repurposing provides your readers with the best of social media posts.

Hence your email subscribers only get the best of content. This helps improve brand image.

Also, remember that content repurposing can work both ways ie, you can repurpose your emails for social media as well.

Be sure to check out WowSender, the only email marketing platform you will ever need.

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