Grab it Before it’s Gone: Understanding the Last Chance Emails

Grab it Before it’s Gone: Understanding the Last Chance Emails

How many times have you seen the limited-time offer around you? Yesterday, today, or you may even see it tomorrow.

It’s because they are everywhere.

We would feel strange if the offer came with a time constraint.

In simple words, Last chance offers are where you get a surprising offer, like x% off on a product but only for a limited time. Similarly, the last chance email is sent to the target audience to motivate them to purchase your service or the product.

It also acts as a reminder so subscribers won’t miss it.

So far, so good. But how do we incorporate this in emails? How do we make sure that it creates urgency without acting salesy or as a clickbait?

Before answering all your questions and giving you WoW tips, let’s start with an important reminder.

Always remember - Never deceit in your last time offers.

Example - Never put only 24 hours remaining if your offer lasts for a week.

Tips for Last chance emails

Regardless of your industry, these last-chance email tips will help you successfully drive more sales and keep your customers happy -

1. Always personalize your last chance emails. Personalization increases the chances of a user taking action to buy your product.

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2. Remember, every user is unique, and the last chance email should show that.

3. Your last chance emails should have a strong subject line. In a pool of unopened emails, strong subject lines will increase your email opening rate.

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4. Let your email trigger a chain reaction among the user.

  • The subscriber understands that this is a limited-time offer.
  • They check the product and realize that they have wanted it for a long time but couldn’t afford it.
  • They realize that this offer stands only for some time and won’t come back again.

5. The email should tap into the consumer’s FOMO (fear of missing out) subtly.

6. These emails should help your audience discover your products in their favorable ways.

7. Don’t forget or hesitate to use exclamations, emojis, or other features.

  • Last day of our SALE! 🔥
  • Grab the Christmas SALE soon 🎉

Highlight what your consumer can save from this sale.

For example, If your product of 1000 bucks gives a 20% off; Remind them that they are saving 200 bucks.

8. Surround your urgent messages with bold and bright colors.

9. Try to bring together your message and CTA together.

Example - Act Fast: Shop from our limited-time sale.

Do’s and Don’ts of Last chance emails

  1. Last chance emails are not the types where you talk about your brand or your team.
  2. Use bold headlines for your emails.
  3. Adding a countdown timer can boost the impact.
  4. Use concise sentences. Always!
  5. The promo code and CTA button should be noticeable. You can’t risk them being missed!
  6. Use social proof of your happy customers. This intrigues FOMO.
  7. Put your subscribers in a buying mood by typing in your offer with a festival, change of season, new event, upcoming trend, or other factors.
  8. Share the benefit of buying your product. Tell them WHY they should buy it.
Do's and Don'ts of Last Chance Emails ~ WowSender

Check out Email Newsletters - Dos and Don'ts for more information.


It’s easier than you think. You need to understand your audience before sending out those urgent offer emails.

🧙‍♂️ PRO TIP: Open your email and look at all the sale emails you have received from your online shopping sites.

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