What makes a good landing page?

A landing page is an asset to your company. It is the first page of your website.

A good landing page compels your reader to talk to you. It ensures a good first impression and also makes conversion easier.

But most companies fail in making an effective landing page. If you are into digital marketing then you should have a stunning landing page that will help you get the attention of your website visitors.

Tips to make a stunning landing page

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when creating a landing page:

Clean design

One of the mistakes made by digital marketers is that their landing page design is very cluttered. That should not be the case.

The look and feel of the page should complement your brand’s tone. Also, The primary objective of a landing page is maximum conversion.

Hence, every form, newsletter, etc should point towards conversion.

Make your images talk for you. Use them smartly.

As little as possible

Your landing page should provide you with conversion. Keeping that in mind, try to make it as little as possible in terms of content. Too much content will not help you get your customer. In fact, it will make your customer confused.

Keep all the necessary information required for a customer to convert, keep the pop-ups at bay, and make sure that the navigation is easy.

Work on the headers

Every landing page has headers and sub-headings. It is your job to make sure that they are optimized for conversion.

Each header and sub-heading should act as a problem and solution. This helps in building tension and release. Use sub-headings to explain the problem defined in the header.

Research suggests that you have only 10 seconds to convince your reader. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to attract the reader’s interest with a clear and precise heading and sub-heading.


If you want your landing page to be convincing, get some good testimonials for your landing page.

Testimonials help in building trust among readers. It is one of the most effective techniques that digital marketers use to build brand loyalty and trust.

People can relate to people and not invisible brands. So when a prospect sees that your brand is well accepted by others, it works as a positive reinforcement in your prospect’s mind.

Mobile friendly page

Make sure that the page is mobile-friendly. Research suggests that a huge chunk of internet users are mobile users.

Hence it is important to have a mobile-friendly page. In fact, it is seen that conversions double up due to mobile-friendly web pages.

Your landing page should be easy to navigate, should look great, and load fast when used by mobile users.

Concise forms

It is important as an online marketer to collect data from your website traffic. But keep in mind that customers do not like to answer long forms.

Hence try and keep the forms short. This will help you get the necessary data and also will not annoy your customer.

Only ask the essentials. The rest you can track from their behavior pattern and email marketing.


Last but not the least, test your landing page. Make sure that you provide the best landing page to your customers.

This can be achieved with proper testing of the pages. Test to find out what goes with your landing page and what doesn’t.

These things should be kept in mind when creating a landing page.

Remember to keep it clutter-free and simple.

With a proper landing page, your business should skyrocket in terms of conversion.

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing