What to keep in mind when designing an email?

There are billions of email users in the world, receiving on average 121 emails per day. Do you think people have time to read all these emails?

So how to ensure that your email will not end up in the trash bin? The answer is email design.

What is an email design?

An email design is creating an email following a design that will appeal to your audience in question and also make it easier for them to understand the email. The audience in question can be your existing subscribers or target audience.

Your email design should have the ability to grab the attention of your audience and make the content easy to understand.

Nowadays, people just scroll through the content looking for what they need. This is where email design plays a crucial role. A successful email design realizes the need of its audience and makes it easier for its audience to find the necessary information. UseWowSender to get email designs easily done.

Points to remember

Before we dive into how you can make better email designs please keep this general advice in mind to make better emails -

  • Precise - Your emails should be precise and to the point. A good email doesn’t have to belong. You should explain your ideas in short and simple words because your readers might not have a lot of time to go through an email.
  • Brand your emails - Always remember that your emails represent your company. They should always have the necessary company properties such as the logo, signature of the sender with his/her correct designation, and the tone of your brand.
    The tone of your emails should be at par with the tone of your social media posts.
  • Call to action - Your emails should have a specific call to action. After reading the email the audience should have a basic idea of what you are asking him to do.
    Also, having a proper CTA helps determine if your email campaign is a success or not.

You can try WowSender to write better emails and segment them for your audience.

How to create a great email design?

So now that you know that emails are a great tool for reaching out and how to write better emails, let’s see how you can create better email designs-

Strong subject line

Even before your readers open your email they read the subject line. To grab the attention of your audience you need to create unique subject lines.
A great subject line should be able to arouse the curiosity of your readers and also summarize what the reader is going to find in the email.

Strong preheader

A preheader is like the meta description of emails. It is a preview of your email.
What most people do is that they rewrite the first sentence of the article in the pre-header section.
Instead you should write a small summary of your email. It makes the audience decide if the email is worthy of being opened.


Customize and tailor-make email for your audience. It adds the essential human touch and also makes your customer feel important.

Include visual content

Adding videos, GIF’s and images make the content more appealing. Sometimes readers do not have time to go through the entire email.
Putting a good infographic image in place of text can easily solve this problem.

Use emojis

Using emojis may seem unprofessional but it can really increase your open rate.
Using proper emojis can be beneficial since sometimes visual expressions speak a lot.
But it is important to figure which emoji is appropriate and which is not.

Mobile-friendly design

70% of emails are opened on mobiles. So it is very important to ensure that your email design is mobile compatible.
This helps in audience retention.

So now you know what are the best practices when it comes to email design. Use these steps to make your email design better and increase your open rate.

Team WowSender
Rethink eMail Marketing