Why is customer review important?

Email marketing is a fantastic tool used in digital marketing. It allows you to interact with your customers. You get to inform them about the latest developments in your brand.

Offering discounts and coupons and generating leads have never been easier with email marketing. Also, email is a perfect tool to gather customer reviews.

Emails offer you the liberty to communicate with your customers one on one. You can ask them questions with the help of a form and get direct answers.
This will help you get to develop your product or service for the better. Gathering customer feedback with WowSender is super easy.

Customer review is as important as making a product. Without customer review, it is like manufacturing an ice-cream flavor, but not knowing whether it will be purchased or not.

Here are a few reasons why you should listen to your customers

Customer service

Your customers are the final piece of your business puzzle. Whatever product or service you make, it is for their consumption. Hence, they know best what they want.

Reviews help you understand just the same. Whether the review is in the form of feedback or social media review you can gather information about how well your product is doing in the market and improve it accordingly.

Social image

Reviews help you gain trust from your prospects and so increases your conversion rate. Remember, maintaining a good social image is very important in the modern era of digital marketing.

Previously customers had a habit of asking friends and family for reviews of a product before buying one themselves. Social media review helps with just the same.

Better than discounts

A product that has a good review may not need to provide its customers with heavy discounts.

Ask yourself, which product will you buy? The one with 50 reviews averaging 4star or a product with 10% discount but only has 5 reviews averaging 3 stars.

Customers feel important

A customer who is writing a review for your product is spending time and giving effort behind your brand. It means that they have developed some sense of loyalty towards the brand.

These customers are the ones who will buy your product in the future since they feel important.

Letting your customers write reviews for your brand means you are giving them some sense of authority and power. And they will love it without a doubt!


One of the major factors why you should allow your customers to review your product or brand is to improve the ranking for your business.

Research suggests that business pages having customer reviews rank higher in search engines. Also, if there are keywords such as the name or place included in the review, the ranking is much higher.

Secondary marketing

When customers write reviews for your product or service, they are doing marketing for your business.

Yes, that is right, your customers are doing your marketing for you! Think about it, when you tell your friends to buy a product that you like, you are marketing the product to your friend.

Similarly, with customer reviews, the writer is influencing the reader to buy your product.

The incentive to write more

If one brand has already received many reviews, it acts as an incentive for others to write reviews.

Getting more reviews helps improve brand loyalty. People get to see how well your products are going in the market and this helps to change buyers’ decisions.

Online reviews will be here a long time until something better turns up. You can get reviews based on social media posts, web page reviews like the ones on E-commerce websites, or get feedback through emails.

Doesn’t matter which way you follow but getting reviews for your brand is important. So encourage your customers to leave reviews for you.

Ask them to leave a review after every social media post. That should get more reviews for your product or service.

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